WordPress for Newbies Materials Are Now Free!

In response to concerns on the WordPress support forum that folks with disabilities, especially those using screenreaders, were experiencing difficulties using WordPress, I’ve decided to make these materials available for free, with some provisos. First, I will not respond to emails requesting support. If you require help using WordPress with assistive technology, please post your request to:

WordPress Accessibility Forum


The password for the materials is Wp4noobs.com


You’ll need to right-click (shift f10, applications key) the .zip file, then choose ‘Extract All’ from the menu, browse to or create the folder you wish to extract the file(s) to, then provide the password when requested. Please either copy & paste it, or take note of letter case & punctuation if you choose to type it.


Please also be advised that some of the material is out of date. Specifically, I no longer recommend the plugins AHS Admin Dropdown or CK Editor. Those were recommended because of accessibility problems w 3.31, which have long since been remedied. I also use Softaculous instead of Fantastico Deluxe if I autoinstall, because the former tends to provide more recent scripts.


Note: Since upgrading to Firefox 47, I’ve found that I’ve experienced difficulties w/some sites in terms of collapsing menus, & I’ve therefore reenabled AHS Admin dropdown on these occasions. This appears to be more of a Firefox issue than a WordPress one, as it does not happen in Internet Explorer, from what I can determine. Thus, if you’re experiencing problems in Firefox w/menu items seeming to disappear, AHS Admin Dropdown is once again your solution.