WordPress for Newbies Materials Are Now Free!

In response to concerns on the WordPress support forum that folks with disabilities, especially those using screenreaders, were experiencing difficulties using WordPress, I’ve decided to make these materials available for free, with some provisos. First, I will not respond to emails requesting support. If you require help using WordPress with assistive technology, please post your… Continue reading WordPress for Newbies Materials Are Now Free!

Marked-up Demo

Today’s lesson consists of: how to make ordered and unordered lists How to incorporate a link into your text   Other lessons in this chapter will discuss: The differences between tags and categories Creating tags and categories Uploading media to your posts.   The steps for creating a list or link are actually quite similar.… Continue reading Marked-up Demo

WordPress for Noobs Lesson 5 Creating Content

I’m posting the WordPress chapter 5 text material. I have been battling bronchitis for awhile no w–the cough just does not seem to wanna give it up. I’ll upload audio when I can do more talking than coughing. The file is zipped, & the password is the usual.wordpress lesson 5 creating content

Lesson 2 Up

Lesson 2, on installing plugins & themes, is now up. The password is the usual. Enjoy your studies. lesson 2 plugins and themes

WordPress Class Up

The link to the WordPress class is attached. It’s a .zip file. The pw is the same as for the class & will be sent via email as well. WordPress Class